Cacheca Architecture

Scalablity in Mathematics terms. Read / write ratio. Not actually read write ratio. Invalidation ratio. Change to lock. Problem's scope. Transaction. Read-write. Not read-only oriented. Reliable messaging. The popular way to scale. Static cache. Note worth architecture. The need of parallelism The need of caching tuple field level. Close to schema. Transaction, and isolation. Limitation of data cache. End up implementing the whole database. Which is the idea of Data-Grid concept. Dead node elimination. Voting area. Network partition problem. Optimized layering... top-bottom -> [app] [o/r] [cache] [file [database]] Challenge of triggers. Need of invalidation. Optimization. tryLock(). Transaction. Transpence with or without Clustering. Network topology. JGroups for enlistment. TCP/IP for commuication. Clustering for orchestication. Affinity Message routing - forwarding Scheduling - wake up.